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full custody. police in washington state say she took off with the little guys 4 and 5. now they are 15, 16. when dad found out the news they were alive and well and might have a chance to see them, here was his reaction. >> it was a voice message. i was listening to the voice message. it was the detective. i turned white as a ghost. i know i was shaking. >> i'll say. how was mom found? jill haugen was arrested at her home in pennsylvania. she contacted police saying she didn't want to take care of her sons anymore. you take them from dad 11 years ago now you are done with them. call in on this one 1-877-tell-hln. steve kardian, and stacy kaiser and todd from the police department. todd, how is this all uncovered that these two now young boys or young teens were taken 11 years ago? >> a lot of luck and a very alert and attentive youth caseworker. >> the youth caseworker, what detective work did they pull off to make this happen? >> we were called to their home -- officers were called to their home on the 26th as what came in as a family dispute. at that time officers arrived and learned
. washington were murdered. they were the ones renting this home. this was the home place on this estate property. it is in a rural town. in is the buck horn community. just outside bellville. this is a smaller community just outside of this. in the home we have deborah and george washington, another 25-year-old victim and a 3-year-old victim. in the back yard just behind the house there is another gentleman out there. he has just been identified. his last name is thomas. we believe there is a person of interest who is in custody right now and the reason why this man, his last name is also thomas, has not been charged with capital murder is because the district attorney's office has not reviewed the preliminary report. all victims we do know at this time were shot. and at this time it does appear that the man in custody, marion thomas, that he is the only one involved. as the investigation moves on we will learn more about this and if anyone else is, in fact, responsible. >> you mentioned we believe the fifth victim identified, michelle, cedric thomas. stephanie thomas, his wife, spoke t
, is this a message sent to washington, bad sign for the president, is this guy some rising star, scott brown? we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us. you can join us on facebook, as well or text message us at hln tv. all you have to do is start your message with the word "prime" plenty of ways for your voice to be heard! welcome. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. cops in virginia just filed criminal charges against the step-dad of missing 2-year-old aveion lewis. again, we look at the innocent brown eyes of this little guy. what happened to him? his step-dad, brandon lockett originally said intruders knocked him out and when he came to little aveion was gone. let's listen to that story. >> i heard a knock at the door. i went to the back door and all i remember was, boom, that's all i remember. when i came -- when i came to my wife was standing over him and my son, you know what i'm saying, he was crying and my daughter, she was gagged up stair, her room. >> we're finding out that story was a load of bull. cops say he confessed the little guy is dead. he's facing charges of child
washington state. do you like the idea? >> caller: yes, i do, it's a very excellent idea. >> yeah a lot of people seem to be agreeing with this. get a few facebook comments in. sue writing "kudos to this judge for trying to do something to control these juveniles." paula writing "if they're habitual truants, yes they should do it. it's for their own good and future." and that's what we want. to open up the eyes of these kids, to say, hey, you've got to go to school if you want any kind of future. and travis, that's, again, got to be part of the message, as you have, what, coaches/mentors calling these kids three times a week. is that making the impact there, that follow-up and those phone calls? >> that is the main part of what we do. that is where the reframing and the changing. that is the impact. the gps gets the attention but our gps device, it's not an ankle bracelet. it's a handheld just like cell phone. >> right. >> as you can see and it's something that carries just like cell phone. we say that's 20% of what we do is monitor that they get to school and where they're supposed to
the conversation. welcome back to amy a get singer "washington post reliable source" columnist. talk about that point, about whether or not the edwards camp politicized her cancer to get votes. how does that story go, amy? >> a remarkable claim to make. i think her cancer diagnosis was a very difficult thing for that campaign to deal with. cancer is something that happened to her, to this family and happened to come up at a very high-stakes moment in his career. i think, if anything, my understanding is that the debate was somewhat different in his campaign. they were discussing whether he should drop out because of her cancer diagnosis and i think there was some concern that if he continued with his campaign that he would look like he was an uncaring husband. my sense is that this is something the edwards family and edwards campaign debated very strongly. umt ma ultimately elizabeth edwards as ardent in pursuit of the white house as he was and wanted to keep going. >> she did not know of the affair at that point, let's be clear. >> no, no, at that point when her cancer was diagnosed afis
. >> okay. let's get a call, christine from washington your thoughts? >> caller: hi, mike this is christine. well, actually i have a cousin that was injected by a heroin user, not a user but a dealer and he was killed and right now they are going to -- i mean, he is going to court. they are taking the dealer to court and holding him responsible so i think that this is just wrong, period, because no matter what pamphlet you hand out they're still going to inject these kids and inject themselves and still going to have overdoses, no matter what. >> yeah. >> caller: so -- >> eric, i'll let you tack gel that, in the sense we heard it in the package that -- there's no safe way to use heroin and it can be deadly. good ahead. >> that's correct there is no safe way but there are safer ways and what this is education. the problem in new york is both on the individual level with people over 70% of overdoses in new york are these heroin overdoses. there's a major spread of hepatitis and hiv like you saw in your previous segment. and to ignore that problem is just absolute denialism it's like denying g
in their disease. absolutely not. >> let's get a call in. christine is with us in washington. your thoughts here. >> caller: hi, christine. well, actually, i have a cousin that was injected by a heroin user -- not a user but a dealer. and he was killed. and right now they are going through -- i mean, he is going to court. they are taking the dealer to court and they're holding him responsible. so i think that this is just wrong, period, because no matter what pamphlet you handout, they're still going to inject these kids and they're going to inject themselves and they're still going to have overdoses no matter what. >> eric, i'll let you tangle that one. and it's just because in the sense, when we heard it in the package, that there's no safe way to use heroin and it can be deadly. go ahead. >> that's correct, there is no safe way. but there are safer ways. and what this is is education. the problem in new york is both on the individual level with people, over 70% is heroin overdoses. there's a major spread of hiv and hepatitis as you said in the previous segment. to ignore that is denialism, li
the george washington bridge wants to go to the airport right now. >> check. does he need assistance? >> yes, it was a bird strike. can i get him in for runway one? >> that's good. >> you can land runway one. >> we can't do it. >> okay. which runway would you like? >> we're going to the hudson. >> say again? >> unforgettable words, we're going to be in the hudson. today at that exact moment of impact, 3:31 p.m. eastern, sully, his crew, passengers, rescuers raise the glasses in a toast to life celebration right there on the water where they were plucked out. unbelievably one year ago. joining me now two of the passengers on u.s. airways flight 1549, michelle davis, don no norton. michelle, let me start with you, your feelings today to be back on the hudson, but in a much different way. >> it's been absolutely amazing. like a year ago or i guess a year and one day ago i never thought that this would be happening to me. but it's been an awesome experience, and i'm glad i was able to come back today. >> what were your emotions? >> it was heart warming to be around everybody. it felt really surr
an abortion. she carried him to term. >> jim what do you think? >> cbs stated it in the "washington post," responsibly produced. to be honest they have been terrific to work with. we wanted a message to inspire families, inspire moms and dads to think about family and life. if that is controversial we are in a very bad situation in this culture. >> you heard jemmu with the women's media center basically saying you are trying to undercut women and the right to choose. your response to that. >> well, today, i mean, i don't think so because a woman has a right to make that decision. i don't see how having a dialogue about it or sparking a dialogue it undercuts anybody's ability to do yesterday what -- or do tomorrow what they could do today. i don't think it undercuts anybody's ability. i think what we've got to do is push aside the rhetoric and talk about this issue. we are proud to be pro-life. we want to be for the child and for the mother. that is our stance and we are not us air this ad. >> let me read a facebook comment and get your response. if they can't run a peta ad last year, th
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)